The Alexander Technique is a conscious education method that observes our manner of using ourselves. It was created and developed by Australian actor Frederick Matthias Alexander. (1869-1955).

The Technique enables us to work on the manner of using mind and body in every activity.

It offers us calm and poised moments of awareness in daily life to be able to get conscious of our habits, to question and change them if necessary. The technique helps us to stop the unconscious habits that collapses the individual and alters the well being of the organism.

Regular practice of the Alexander Technique brings freedom in thought and movement. It improves coordination and brings us back to our verticality. The Alexander technique prevents the discomforts that may arise by a bad use of the self in daily life.


ThinkUp is the Alexander Technique studio of Martin Michiels in Brussels, Belgium.


As a preventive method, the Alexander Technique is well suited for everybody. Using the Alexander Technique in daily life helped people with backaches, stress, breathing problems, coordination and poise problems, vocal problems etc. The Technique also helps a lot of people to learn sports and all forms of arts from dancing to learning to play musical instruments. It is taught in many dance and music schools worldwide such as the Guildhall school of music and Drama and the Royal Academy of Music.

When you stop the wrong, the right does itself.- F.M. Alexander


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